New Book Release


By Himiko Sadiki

This bitch helped me burn my dress.
I really should say she burned that dang thing.
I couldn’t set it on fire myself.

I think it was my subconscious mind or my broken heart that still wanted him to choose me. At any rate, as I kept half heartly, to her encouragement, I attempted to light my dress on fire. She boldly and excitedly marched right over to me, took the hand-held light, and without any struggle sent fourteen years up in smoke. As I tried to convince myself this is exactly what I wanted, she was right there consoling me. “Miko you did the right thing. You don’t want to be with anyone like him. He is a monster!” As I stared at the smoke, my response to her was “Girl, hell-naw…I don’t want his ass.”

Love is the essence of companionship and when hurt, disappointment and pain are the results of love, it's hard to be you. This book will heal the soul of the reader that reads it from cover to cover. It has been hard to write and even emotional at times. The unexpectedness of life's journey bears the reason for this story. Sharing my soul in hopes to offer a road map with clarity, strength, and compassion is the ultimate purpose. Cuffed and Bound is more than the title. It's the calling of your soul to get up!