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Himiko Sadiki is a well established, high performing Real Estate Agent who has sold over $340 million dollars in her career. Mother of three and Queen of bouncing back after life falls apart, Himiko is a rising star in the lane of life coaching. Her “make it out of no way” approach to life has afforded her first-hand experience to help others define their way as well. Areas of expertise include Real Estate & Finance and The Bounce Back life coaching. When life falls apart, how do you put it all back together? Himiko Sadiki is right in her lane and ready to help with the answer.

She focuses on two specific areas of consulting; Real Estate and Financial Management. Real Estate consulting entails assisting clients list and sell their homes for maximum profits. Guiding first time home buyers from no credit, bad credit, to home ownership while helping to navigate the masses through her social media lives, is one of the strategies Himiko utilizes. The Bounce Back Life Coaching options, holds the hand of her clients and walks them through how to get back on track after it all falls apart. Adopting a four-step detailed approach, starting with your financials, mental, emotional, current personal state and laying out the road map to the finish line, she helps unpack and discover “the new you.” AKA, The Bounce Back.

Real Estate Consulting


Who is this for?

  • Real Estate Agents interested in learning How to become a Top Agent

  • Buyers who have no idea where to start

  • Sellers needing Consultation and Advice on How to Maximize their Opportunity/Opportunities

  • Individuals Interested in Passive or Active Real Estate Investments

  • Seller or buyer looking to sell their home but needs someone to write the contract for both parties

What you get

  • A clear, all questions answered understanding of what is needed to purchase or sell your home

  • Insurance & Guidance of having your personal needs met for buying or selling

  • Coaching and next steps

  • No longer needing to fear “you don't know, what you don't know.” Himiko and her team will walk you through every step of the way

Life Coaching


Who is this for?

  • The man or women whose life is off the beaten path due to a break up or divorce

  • For the person struggling to make sense of their current financial situation

  • For the person who is buried under the chaos of living in a disorganized home

  • For the man or women who can't think straight and needs someone to light the way to a clear mind

  • Who wants to purchase a home but life is a wreck right now but they just need a plan

What you get

  • Joining the course will give you a clear road map from emotionally bankruptcy to The Bounce Back

  • You will learn how to get your financial house in order

  • You will learn how to organize your personal house

  • You will learn what’s needed to bring your credit score up

  • You will have a road map to position yourself to home ownership

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